Non Rand Transfers Via Your Very Own E-wallet

Non rand transfersAn electronic wallet, commonly referred to as an e-wallet or digital wallet, is a digital system that allows individuals to store, manage, and transact money securely and conveniently. 

E-wallets can perform various functions, such as storing payment information, transferring money between different currencies and paying bills.

Easy to use and manage - they offer a cost effective and convenient way of managing international payments and receipts for both individuals and companies. 

Key Points:

  • RESHAPE the way you approach global payments by significantly reducing the time and cost involved. 
  • Become EMPOWERED and receive a frictionless customer experience that enables you to avoid expensive international payments by having clients pay you locally in their own currency. 
  • REIMAGINE how you control your international payments and receipts from one simple, easy to use e-wallet. 

What does this mean in practice? 

  • As the owner of a Global Payment account and a Global Collections account you will have at hand one simple to use platform that can control all of your international payments and receipts. 
  • The payment account will allow you to both pay and receive funds from over 50 different jurisdictions, as well as make any international payments you may need. 
  • If you have clients in the US or Eurozone, the Global Collections account is a game changer. 
  • No longer will you have to subject your clients to the tedious paperwork and compliance of overseas transfers, simply bill them in their own currency using a local bank account number. It cuts down costs for you and your clients, avoids the use of the SWIFT system and, in practice, sees you get paid quicker. 

Benefits at a glance 

  • Getting registered is hassle free and carries no cost or obligation.
  • Enjoy a fixed spread - no need to continually shop around for the ‘best deal’.
  • 100% transparency on fees and charges.
  • Fully integrated with SWIFT.
  • Secure and compliant trading.
  • Large exposure of currency pairs.
  • Dedicated relationship manager. 

Let’s take a closer look... 

Fees and spreads 

Fix the spread of the exchange rate with us up-front. No need to worry about any additional charges or having to spend time continually shopping around for the best exchange rates and working out complex charging structures. 

Spot trades and future trades 

Benefit from booking either immediate trades or trades for a future date. 

Online trading platform or trading desk 

Trade anytime and anywhere with easy access to the online platform or enjoy the personal touch and make use of our trading desk. 

SWIFT network integration 

Access to the quickest and most secure international payment system in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who can open an e-wallet?

The e-wallet is open to most nationalities. In terms of South Africans, only those who have an address outside of South Africa. 

Can I hold more than one currency at a time?

Yes, one of the key features of an e-wallet is that is permits the holder to hold different currencies - the currencies viable include most major ones.

Can I leave my funds in my e-wallet?

Yes, you can, however, it should be noted that interest is not payable. 

Is my e-wallet available online?

You can access your e-wallet 24/7/365 via the online platform, and for those that prefer, there is also the option of instructing Merchant West Incompass to transact on your behalf.

It is easy to swap between currencies?

The platform is renowned for its ease of use and swapping between currencies within your e-wallet in just a matter of a few clicks.

Can I make payments from my e-wallet?

International payments can be made from your e-Wallet and it also has the added benefits of storing beneficiaries and bulk upload of beneficiaries. 

How can I find out more about getting an e-wallet?

Enquires can be made through our contact form or calling our office. Alternatively you can visit