Product Development


Merchant West Incompass has established a robust and strategic presence within the realm of offshore investments, fostering collaborative partnerships with leading investment houses. 

Our pivotal role in these collaborations encompasses an array of critical functions, spanning exchange control considerations, process refinement, excellent rates with transparent charging, and the essential task of ensuring that investment products are easily comprehensible, when viewed from the vantage point of currency transfers.

As examples of where we have collaborated:

  • Imbedding of currency process into application process

Merchant West Incompass has cultivated valuable partnerships with investment houses, to offer their investment clients a streamlined and transparent process for transferring funds out of South Africa into the offshore funds managed by these investment houses. Our collaborative efforts are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience, characterised by clarity, competitive exchange rates, and the highest quality of service.

One of our key contributions in these collaborative endeavours is to establish a clear and straightforward pathway for South African investors looking to participate in offshore investment opportunities. We understand that the movement of funds across borders can be complex and sometimes fraught with uncertainties. To address this, we have developed a robust process that prioritises transparency. This transparency extends to the various steps involved in transferring funds, as well as the associated costs and exchange rates, ensuring that investors have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in our dedication to securing competitive exchange rates for our clients. We recognise that favourable exchange rates are pivotal in optimising the value of investments, and as such, we leverage our expertise and network to provide clients with rates that align with their financial objectives.

Moreover, we place a premium on delivering first-class service throughout the fund transfer process. Our experienced team is readily available to address inquiries, provide guidance, and offer personalised assistance to investors and investment houses alike. This unwavering commitment to service excellence not only instills confidence, but also reinforces our reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of offshore fund transfers.

In essence, our collaboration with investment houses is geared toward simplifying the journey for South African investors seeking to access offshore investment opportunities. We are committed to providing a process that is not only transparent and efficient, but also one that prioritises the financial well-being of clients. By offering competitive exchange rates and exceptional service, we aim to facilitate the smooth transfer of funds, ultimately contributing to the success of the clients' offshore investment endeavours.

Product development input 

At the inception of an offshore investment product's development, we contribute our expertise from an exchange control perspective. This entails a meticulous analysis of the regulatory landscape, ensuring that the product complies with relevant exchange control regulations and guidelines. This is a pivotal step, as adherence to exchange control requirements is essential to facilitate the seamless flow of funds across borders.

Simultaneously, our team delves into the intricacies of the investment process, with regards to the flow of funds itself. We scrutinise each step to identify opportunities for optimisation, streamlining the process to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This not only serves to minimise operational complexities but also contributes to the overall attractiveness of the investment product.

Moreover, we are acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that the transfer element of the offshore investment products are easily understood by all stakeholders. We leverage our extensive experience and knowledge to make the product accessible, especially from a currency transfer perspective. This involves breaking down complex financial jargon, making clear the mechanics of currency transfers, and simplifying the product's features for the investment house and its client benefits.

Once the offshore investment product has been meticulously crafted, our commitment extends beyond the design phase. We actively participate in the product launch, orchestrating strategies and activities that contribute to a successful introduction to the market. Our involvement doesn't stop there. We take pride in managing the entire transfer process.

In essence, Merchant West Incompass is more than a mere collaborator; we are an indispensable partner throughout the journey of offshore investments. Our dedication to navigating the intricacies of exchange controls, optimising processes, enhancing product understanding, and facilitating seamless transfers underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering a holistic and valuable service to our esteemed partners in the investment industry and their clients. 

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